Our Mission is to support the strength and resilience of our Rwandan community. For every bag you buy, we pledge a portion of the profits to provide mental health support and trauma therapy for other genocide survivors. As survivors, we know that trauma therapy and mental health access is incredibly expensive and hard to find. We would like incorporate our love of coffee with care for survivors, it’s a new way to generate healing. We thank you for your support.


Thanks to your purchases of coffee from us in 2022, we have participated in the life-saving work of our partner organisation GAERG. GAERG shows up on the frontlines of this crisis of despair, resolute in their goal to strengthen the capacity of genocide survivors.  They work to meet basic needs,  ease the burden of grief and trauma,  and to create opportunities for economic empowerment. Your purchase of coffee allowed us to make a donation of $4400 towards their work. We know it’s not a lot, but it is a beginning.  We hope with your future support we will continue to be able to contribute to this important work.  You have been our partners in rebuilding lives and restoring hope.  We are most grateful.

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